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  • Two Things That You Should Never Throw Out – Choose Green Alternatives

    Plastic bags and bottles mean nothing but bad news for the environment, but you can help the strain on the Earth by choosing green alternatives. We Australians live in a vast, beautiful nation, but sadly, we're rapidly filling it with landfill. Indeed, a report published by the Australian B... View Post
  • Disposable Coffee Cups; The True Cost Of Your Takeaway Coffee

    Australia’s obsession with coffee has led to an extra 7,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste from disposable cups. While many may think that these ‘harmless’ paper cups are recyclable, they aren’t and here’s why.  Australia’s Love Affair with Coffee Whether you’re a fan of the latte, cappuccino, ma... View Post
  • Why I've replaced coffee with Spirulina!

    I am currently obsessed with Spirulina! After giving up coffee six months ago, I found that I was constantly lethargic. Obviously something was lacking in my diet, and I didn’t quite know what! After consulting with Jeffrey (my father & my Naturopath), he suggested I introduce Spirulina i... View Post