Everyone should have a Zazen Alkaline Mineral Water System!

We have come a long way since we simply used water filters to filter water.  Reverse osmosis takes out most toxins from the water, but also takes out the important minerals as well. The filter jugs and carbon filters people used in the past were inefficient, and it may seem strange, but many people do not absorb water efficiently and therefore do not rehydrate

Practitioners have known for years that water is not always well absorbed. People who say they do not like water or do not drink enough water are usually not absorbing the water efficiently. This also applies to people who drink a lot of water, yet still feel thirsty. Most people in our society are over acidic. This is mainly caused by acid reacting foods, but is also due to stress. This can contribute to a whole range of health problems including digestive problems, arthritis, infections, skin problems, premature ageing, fatigue, etc. Over acidity will create inflammation which in turn creates damage. 

Start your children on a beneficial pattern of drinking good alkaline water that contains the proper balance of minerals. 

Melbourne water contains the following ingredients.

Added chemicals are:

• Fluoride (toxic, mutagen, affects IQ & behaviour)

• Chlorine (eye, skin, respiratory, lung & stomach irritant)

• Aluminium sulphate (suspected link to Dementia)

• Polyacrylamide (possible carcinogen)

Melbourne water catchment includes farmland, roads, the Yarra river and its tributaries, potentially collecting:

Pesticides (from farmland),

• Pharmaceutical and street drugs (through sewerage runoff),

• Polyaromatic hydrocarbons - toxic byproducts of fuel combustion,

• Heavy metals (associated with fatigue and organ damage),

• Bacteria & viruses (targeted to be removed through water treatment).

Water travels through 100s of kilometres of pipes before reaching your tap. There are PVC pipes, which can leach surrounding environmental toxins into the water.  Also, asbestos pipes are still used.  Further, unstable zinc, lead or copper mains, or domestic pipes may add traces of these contaminants to our water.  

Water is meant to fall as rain, or bubble out of the ground from springs and then flow over rocks which contain alkalising minerals. A magnetic charge is also imparted to the water which enables the water molecules to be more easily absorbed. The Zazen Alkaline Mineral Water Filter system mimics this process. 

Your tap water is poured into the top of the unit where it flows through two types of very efficient filters, removing any impurities. It then flows over the silver and mineral stones that imparts the correct balance of minerals and alkalises the water. People are surprised to hear that Zazen water contains more electrolytes than Gatorade and Powerade. Zazen water is excellent when you are playing sports and exercising.

The water tastes great!

There is also a magnet in the tap which creates a vortex.  People spend large amounts of money buying vortex water. The cost of the Zazen water is cheaper than bottled water and sports drinks. Over the first five years the cost of the water is 5 cents per litre. This includes the cost of the unit and the replacement parts over the 5 years. The cost of the Zazen Alkaline Mineral Water Filter is $495. I don’t know if this seems a lot of money to you, but this is an excellent price for this type of quality system. As I said, it equates to 5 cents per litre and the health benefits are immense.

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