Almond Cow - Dairy-Free Coconut Yoghurt

This two-ingredient method on making dairy-free yoghurt at home will have you ditching store-bought yoghurts! Top with fruit and almond pulp granola, add on waffles, or try our Coconut Yogurt Chia Parfait recipe for the perfect breakfast or snack.


  • 1 fresh coconut
  • 1 probiotic capsule


Open coconut and reserve coconut water. Cut out the coconut flesh and remove it from the brown skin. Put 1/3 of the coconut flesh into your basket. Add water and coconut water and press the button. Transfer coconut milk into a jar.

In a high speed blender add a little bit of the homemade coconut milk, the rest of the coconut flesh and the content of one probiotic capsule (discard the empty capsule). Blend the coconut flesh with just enough coconut milk (1/3 cup -1/4 cup) to make a very thick texture. Blend it until it is thick and completely creamy. Pour into clean jars and cover with something breathable like a cheesecloth or napkin. Secure with a rubber band. Now let the jars sit on your counter preferably away from the sunlight for one to two days depending on how tangy you want your yoghurt to taste. Once the yoghurt is cultured remove the covers from the jars and close with real lids. Let the yoghurt cool down in your fridge for several hours before enjoying.

Interested in an Almond Cow? Click on the below image for more info.

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