Why I've replaced coffee with Spirulina!

I am currently obsessed with Spirulina! After giving up coffee six months ago, I found that I was constantly lethargic. Obviously something was lacking in my diet, and I didn’t quite know what!

After consulting with Jeffrey (my father & my Naturopath), he suggested I introduce Spirulina into my diet. So, every morning I would wake up and make myself a smoothie with a tablespoon of Spirulina powder. Let me tell you, it was like having a shot of espresso, it was almost instantaneous! Unlike coffee I found that the energy lasted throughout the day, and instead of feeling drained mid afternoon, I was still operating at full power! 

Now after taking it for a few months, my energy levels are up, I feel less tired throughout the day, and have much more motivation to actually get things done! The reason why is that Spirulina is full of antioxidants, nutrients, anti-inflammatory properties, high in iron, you name it! It’s definitely called a Superfood for a reason!

Its scientific name is cyanobacterium, or the less scientific term blue-green algae. Grown in both salt water and fresh water, Spirulina is fantastic for supplying protein for vegans and vegetarians.


• People feeling run down or exhausted

• People who are iron deficient

• People who are wanting to even out the energy highs and lows

• Anybody looking for more energy

Why We Love Lifestream Bioactive Spirulina Balance!

Lifestream hand pick their pure spirulina from over 35 varieties world wide. It’s free from pesticides, herbicides and irrigation, not to mention G.E free. We believe it’s one of the best Spirulina’s out there, and are so excited to now be stocking it on REW Natural Life!


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